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Lead Fluoride Powder

Lead Fluoride Powder

Lead Fluoride Powder
Product No NRE-11143
CAS 7783-46-2
Purity 99.9%
Formula PbF2
APS <40 µm (Can be Customized)
Color white
Molecular Weight 245.20 g/mol
Density 8.445 g/mL
Melting Point 824 °C
Boiling Point 1,293 °C

Lead Fluoride Powder

Lead fluoride powder, with the chemical formula PbF2, has several applications across various fields. Some of the key applications include:

Optics: Lead fluoride is often used in the production of infrared optical components and lenses due to its transparency in the infrared spectrum. It is particularly useful in the manufacturing of lenses for infrared imaging systems and thermal imaging cameras.

Scintillation Detectors: Lead fluoride is utilized in scintillation detectors, which are devices used to detect and measure ionizing radiation. These detectors are crucial in various fields, including nuclear physics, environmental monitoring, and medical imaging.

Ceramics and Glass Industry: Lead fluoride can be incorporated into the production of ceramics and glass to alter their properties. It can improve the chemical durability, optical properties, and mechanical strength of the final products.

Electronics: Lead fluoride is used in certain electronic applications, such as in the production of semiconductors and as a component in the manufacturing of some electronic devices.

Chemical Industry: Lead fluoride can serve as a catalyst in certain chemical reactions. It can also be used in the production of other lead compounds, depending on the specific requirements of the chemical process.

Research and Development: Lead fluoride is often used in various research activities, especially in experiments that require materials with specific optical and radiation detection properties.