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Titanium Nitride Powder / TiN Powder (TiN, 99.2+%, 800nm, Cubic)

Titanium Nitride Powder
Product No NRE-11262
CAS No. 25583-20-4
Formula TiN
Molecular Weight 61.874g/mol
APS <40 um(can be customized)
Purity >99.2%
Density 5.22 g/cm3
Color Black
Melting Point 2947 °C
Boiling Point NA

Titanium Nitride Powder (TiN)

Titanium nitride has a high melting point (2950 ° C) and a high boiling point is 3996 ° C high hardness, high-temperature chemical stability, and excellent thermal conductivity properties. In addition, it has a high-performance infrared absorption and UV protection over 80%. Its sintering temperature is low. Titanium nitride (TiN) is an excellent ceramic material.
Artificial arts; Contact layer barrier metallization and interconnection; Cutting tools for biological materials; Door electrode in semiconductor metal-oxide transistor (MOS); Low barrier Schottky diode; Optical devices in aggressive environments; Plastic molds; prosthesis; Wear-resistant coating … A well-known use for TiN coating is for edge sealing and corrosion resistance in machine tools, such as drill bits and milling cutters, which often improve their life by a factor of three. or more Thanks to the metallic gold color of TiN, it is used to coat jewellery and car ornaments for decorative purposes. TiN is also widely used as a top layer coating, generally with nickel (Ni) or chromium (Cr) based substrates, in consumer plumbing and door fittings. As a coating, it is used in aerospace and to protect the sliding surfaces of bicycle and motorcycle suspension forks, as well as the shock absorber rods of radio controlled cars. TiN is non-toxic, meets FDA standards and has been used in medical devices such as scalpel blades and orthopedic blades where edge sharpness and retention are important. TiN coatings have also been used in implanted prostheses (in particular hip replacement implants) and in other medical implants.