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Super Adsorption Activated Porous Carbon Powder

Super Adsorption Activated Porous Carbon Powder
Product No. CAS No. Formula Molecular Weight APS Purity Color Form
NRE-8048 NA C NA <40um (Can be Customized) NA NA Powder
Density NA
Melting Point NA
Boiling Point NA

Super Adsorption Activated Porous Carbon Powder

The Super Activated Carbon Nanopowder is produced using a determination of high-temperature superfine charcoal through uncommon carbonization, actuation, pounding, and characterization, along these lines, the nanopowder has the accompanying highlights: Powerful particular surface Area (SSA>300m2/g); Electrical conductivity (0.2ω.cm); high enactment; Easy to scatter; Powerful iodine adsorption (retention capacity >300mg/g); Methylene blue number >160mg/g; Negative-particles focus 7150/cm3; Far Infrared emanation rate 92%.

Enacted Carbon powder Applications:

Principally utilized as a part of the military industry, flying and aviation, material, elastic, useful materials, compound industry, sustenance, pharmaceutical, gadgets innovation, ecological security, and so forth.

Enacted Carbon Powder Storage Conditions:

The moist get-together will influence its scattering execution and utilizing impacts, subsequently, this item ought to be fixed in vacuum and put away in a cool and dry room and it ought not to be the presentation to air. Likewise, the item ought to be maintained a strategic distance from under anxiety.

Initiated Carbon Powder Frequently Asked Questions:

“Initiated Carbon”, additionally called enacted charcoal or actuated coal is a type of carbon that has been handled to make it to a great degree permeable and consequently to have an extensive surface territory accessible for adsorption or synthetic responses.